Top Galway runner Gary Thornton of GCH made his marathon debut in Hamburg last weekend as part of a strong irish team.  Many of us were really looking forward to see how Gary's speed would translate to the marathon distance.  Unfortunately from looking at the result it doesn't seem to have worked out for Gary on this occasion - the splits on the website for him only go to half-way indicating that he had an injury or some other trouble:

Gary Thornton
10 km 00:32:06
20 km 01:05:13
Halb 01:09:02

Chris Cariss was the best of the Irish on the day, finishing in 2:19:46 (10th position overall).  The other two top irish finishers were Joe McAllister (2:24:46) and Brian McMahon (2:28:48).  

Monday the 1st. .