Well I had such a rollercoaster of emotions whilst training and running the actual marathon I can't quite believe it !
When I left the house on Sunday, I was so wound up, I reckon I hadn't stopped talking for 2 days.  My fella, I am sure, was delighted to have some peace and quiet and see

 the back of me for a few days.
I drove Rena and I on the Sunday to Dublin, and surprisingly all we talked about was running, in fact we forgot to eat we talked that much! A few of us met for a meal and water(tasty!?) that evening and we had a great laugh, it was a good medicine, except being forced to watch X-factor, you know who you are!
All refreshed and on minimum sleep we were all raring to go. My parents were over to see the run; I think it was an excuse for a few pints meself ! So with father in tow, we headed for the rest of the gang for a healthy-looking photo before the race. Photos during and after not allowed. Nerves were bad by this stage, and waiting for the start felt like it was hours away. Thanks Helen for looking after my parents and keeping in contact with them, you are great at logistics!
Rena and I ran together, and what a brilliant running buddy she is, 'cause there is no way I would have done it in the time I did without her. I will be honest a lot of it seems a blur. I just remember thinking just to stay comfortable and relax and TRY to enjoy. It being my first marathon I didn't know what to expect emotionally and physically, I knew it would be so different to training.
The first 6 miles went fine, but I was waiting for my knee pain to kick in; which it did at 6 miles. Rena instructed me to take paracetamol, I was afraid to do otherwise! (I was thinking of you and your knee Julie!). On we went and first half soon over with. I was thinking just the same again and home.
At mile 18 onwards it was tough, but positive thinking kept me going. All that training so I had to do this! I tried stretching at one stage and felt cramps so I quickly gave that up and went to catch up with Rena. So on we went and it was great to see Val, Helen and Betty, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Your support was well appreciated  'cause it was getting really tough by this stage. And then I saw my parents shouting and waving, it was brilliant, I felt emotional again, but my god it was hard now,Road runner Rena and I really got into a great pace and sheer determination took over. We really dug in and hoped we could keep up 'til the end! Well we did it and we were delighted! And even more delighted that all the Craughwell gang finished. I don't know about anyone else, but I think that's a great achievement for us all! And now I am thinking of the next one, once injury is sorted! Is this an obsession.... I think it is ... HELP!
Friday the 7th. .